Perspectives of Poverty

Marissa English: In my eyes, you can see the desperation.

My need for food and a place to call home,

My heart overflowing with desire,

How I long for a change,

When fun is no longer a figment of my imagination.

Surviving this facet of life,

waiting for another to arise.

Keia Faison: As I look into the eyes of my child,

I’m overcome with sorrow.

Not being able to fulfill her own hearts yearning

I feel as though I have failed her.

Soon God will intervene and my pain will be no more.

Surviving this facet of life,

waiting for another to arise.

Julian Cobb: What have I done?

The guilt I feel inside, no man should endure.

The hardships that I’ve faced have dimmed the light of my family’s future.

Frustration, humiliation, these emotions I feel.

I must resist from revealing this hurt.

No longer can I keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks

My masculinity and pride has been diminished.

Surviving this facet of life,

waiting for another to arise.

Chelsea Hayes: Looking in from the outside.

I see a child longing for a change.

I see a mother, hurt and distraught.

I see a father, beneath his strong exterior, struggling to cope.

But who am I to judge, to question, or doubt?

I must help them survive this facet of life,

I join them as they wait for another to arise.

Together: Perspectives of Poverty.

Presented at Graduation – May 2008, inspired by experiences from the session at Urban Ministries of Durham


Outdoor Education

For our first session, we traveled to a little town called Bahama, about 30 minutes away

When we pulled up to a lodge, we knew there would be a lot of physical action that day

But aside from that, we did not know what to expect

We were just ready for all the information and experience we were to get

After we munched on the always tasty breakfast (and lunches) laid out for us

Introductions of new people and the program were a must

The first activity was picking words that described our goals the best

We strived to uphold all the words since one was not better than the rest

We went outside to play some games

That helped to familiarize us with all who came

We broke up into two teams to start some physical drills

To assist us in displaying our leadership skills

It was a little hard since, of course, we all wanted to lead

But we figured out we had to work together so we all could succeed

The last of the activities involved a really big log

Where we cheered and rooted for each other to get across

We were (at least I) was a little tired when the day was done

But were glad by the thought that there was much more to come.

By Lenae Frazier, JLD 2006-2007 Class

Graduation Session Presentation on April 29, 2007